Important things to note for various add-on services:
Basic Bookkeeping does require the use of your own QBO subscription. You own the license to that and will retain access to the program upon termination of our working relationship, if that ever happens.
Monthly or One-time Strategy Sessions will be helpful for you if you are needing to brainstorm issues about your business or want to go over the financials in detail. Unlimited email and text support is included in the basic bookkeeping package. We highly suggest that our clients schedule strategy sessions monthly (or at least quarterly) to chat about the financials and discuss future plans with your business. It’s always nice to have a fresh perspective on things. One-time Strategy Sessions are currently $147 or you can sign up for recurring monthly sessions for $99/month. We appreciate at least a three month commitment for our monthly rate but it is not required.
Legal Services are available to you for an additional cost. Our legal partners do offer a complimentary consult to discuss any needs your business may have, including but not limited to, automated alerts to specific due dates and reporting requirements, secured cloud storage for all company documents, questions on entity setup, articles of incorporation, and exit strategies. We highly recommend taking advantage of this complimentary interview. Any additional legal services will require an additional engagement letter with our legal partners.
Tax Planning and Preparation is available to you for 50% off (subject to availability). Our CPA tax partners prepare strategic tax planning reports based off the financials we prepare, past tax history and your future projections. You will never be surprised at tax time again. We highly recommend setting up a complimentary call with our CPA tax partners to review your tax situation as soon as possible. Any tax service will also require an additional engagement letter with our tax partners.
Payroll Setup and Support is provided through our payroll partners. All payroll submission, tax payments and tax report filings (including year end reports and W2s) are included in one low monthly fee. The fee varies depending on how many employees your company hires. Our third party payroll experts take on full responsibility for all timely and accurate tax payments and filings. Our payroll experts can even assist you with HR functions and retirement plans for yourself, partners and employees. Any payroll service will require an additional engagement letter with our payroll partners.
Sales Tax Filings may be a helpful item to offload. We would be happy to assist with monthly, quarterly or annual filing of your business sales tax returns. You are required to submit the information necessary for us to compile totals and submit online to the various state departments of revenue. We do expect the information to be sent to our team no later than 5 business days before the due date of the return to allow for adequate time to compile and file.
Class Tracking is available if you are looking into more detailed financial statements. This can be helpful if you are wanting to track profitability of certain jobs, customers or large product lines. It is also a requirement for real estate investors who have rental properties and plan to “flip” homes for resale. In order for class tracking reports to be helpful to you, we will need to work out a process to communicate details on each transaction so that we know how to track the various classes, properties or departments. We have several different methods to choose from and we can make a plan of action based on what works best for you.
AR and AP management are tasks that can be very time consuming and we would love to streamline those processes for you. Keeping track of customer and vendor balances, sending out invoices, processing customer and vendor payments and updating customer and vendor records are some of the items we can do for you. This requires more communication throughout the month and may require additional software subscription costs as well.
Clean-up/Catch-up Work is something that most of our new clients will need to add on. You will be required to add this service on for any months that a tax return has not been completed. For example, if you have filed your 2019 tax return already, then we need to complete and/or review your books starting with January 2020 in order to prepare accurate financials for your upcoming tax return. We give a one-time discounts to our new customers for this back work. We are also happy to provide this discount on past years where you think the tax return and/or financials were inaccurate.
We reserve the right to make changes and additions to the terms and conditions at any time.